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Mark Rossi Studio

2415 N. Fontana Ave. Tucson, AZ 85705

Studio: (520) 603-4875

Cell Phone: (520) 603-4875

Visits to the studio are available by appointment.

Some bronze castings can be seen along with various works in progress,


Mark was commissioned by the directors of Centerpoint Plaza, a 21.5 acre, revitalization project in downtown Tempe to creat an exterior site-specific sculpture based on the natural history of the Phoenix Salt River Valley. Mark's proposal incorporated his love for the Southwest, where the Blacktail Jackrabbit is an indigenous element of the environment, with his knowledge of bronze. The outcome was an installation of three cast bronze Blacktail Jackrabbits, standing eight, twelve, and fourteen feet high and weighing between 1,000 and 1,500 pounds each. With the completion of this project, Mark continues his observation and exploration of the natural desert habitat and its creatures.

Primary Areas For Commissions:

1. Portraits of People (Busts) in bronze

Base Prices: Life-size $5,000.00 for first casting

Additional casts $3,200.00

Half life-size: $4,800.00 for first casting

Additonal casts $2,000.00

Life-size (mask) $3,000.00 for first casting

Additonal casts $1000.00

Hands $950.00

2. Portraits of Horses in bronze (about 1/3 life-size)

Prices: $11,000.00 for first casting

Additional casts $4,000.00

3. Portraits of Other Animals Available

4. Outdoor and Indoor Installations

Over Life-size Figures

Design Concepts

Bronze sculpture can be mounted on a variety of materials.